Carboxiterapia to remove fat and improve skin

Written by: Dra. Ana Molina Lacasa
Published: | Updated: 20/11/2018
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The carboxetrapia involves the injection of CO2 that offers great possibilities in aesthetic medicine , since according to the flow and depth of the injection, it has lipolytic effect, ie, to dissolve fat or collagen stimulator.


Applications Carboxiterapia in Aesthetic Medicine

Thanks to the effect of Carboxiterapia to soluble or fat to smooth the skin, can be used in areas with accumulation of body fat abdomen, legs, flanks, arms and is ideal for orange peel; and in other areas where desired to improve the quality of the skin as would splines.

Carboxiterapia injection has a very nice effect on the region where possible to reduce dark circles dark coloration and improve the quality of the skin of the eyelids.


Contraindications Carboxiterapia

You can treat Carboxiterapia anyone who is not in acute infectious or inflammatory process. It is also contraindicated in major smokers or people with respiratory or liver failure, as well as in pregnant or breastfeeding women in process.


Immediate recovery with Carboxiterapia

The number of sessions required varies depending on the area in which it applies: in the eyecup is 4 aproximadamentem sessions as in arms and flanks, abdomen between 6 and 8 sessions, and legs require between 8 and 10 sessions, which are they can carry one or two every week, separated by at least 48 hours.

The incorporation to normal life is immediate, they can leave bruises like any procedure with needles but not affecting normal life provided they are protected from the sun. Should not exercise the hours immediately following treatment.

carboxiterapia improve skin and reduce fat

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Ana Molina Lacasa
Aesthetic Medicine

Reference in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Molina Lacasa is Director of its own medical center, clinic Esthetic BCN. Doctor in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Barcelona, ​​has a Masters in Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery. She is the author of several national and international publications and also has presentations at conferences nationally and internationally.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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