gynecological cancer

Written by: Dr. Jordi Antoni Vives
Published: | Updated: 19/09/2023
Edited by: Leo Santos


What is gynecological cancer?

We talk about gynecological cancer when this disease affects the organs of the female reproductive system and breast cancer.


What types of gynecological cancer are there?

Normally we distribute the types of cancer depending on the affected organ, we could say that when the cancer affects the uterus it is divided into cervical or body cancer, sometimes known as endometrial cancer, or to the ovaries and the fallopian tubes. or to the external apparatus that would be the vulva and the vagina.


What causes gynecologic cancer?

Cancer is a disease that responds to multiple causes but in some cases there are known causes or known promoters such as the condyloma virus in the case of cervical cancer, genetic mutations that could predispose to breast cancer and ovarian cancer or hormonal stimuli, excess hormone, in the case of endometrial cancer.


What are the symptoms of gynecological cancer?

In its initial phases these cancers give few symptoms, this reinforces the importance of the gynecological review, but sometimes the patient presents an abnormal bleeding or an abnormal flow and sometimes a pain difficult to explain.


How can gynecological cancer be prevented?

Prevention is possible with the help of cervico-vaginal cytology that would allow us to detect the presence of the condyloma virus and is related to the appearance of cervical cancer. Likewise, the possibility of using ultrasound, cytology and other diagnostic techniques allows the diagnosis of the disease in its initial phases, having a beneficial effect on the prognosis.. If we also know of the existence of the possibility of a genetic mutation that predisposes to cancer we could offer risk reduction surgeries.


How is gynecological cancer treated?

The treatment of cancer is multidisciplinary, usually it is usually performed a surgical intervention that currently can be done by laparoscopic techniques or minimally invasive surgeries or even robotic surgery, but also sometimes has to contemplate chemotherapy, radiotherapy or treatment hormonal

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By Dr. Jordi Antoni Vives
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Expert in gynecological surgery, with training at the prestigious Mayo Clinic Scottsdale in Arizona ( USA ), this doctor is one of the best specialists in surgery for endometriosis, breast cancer, gynecological cancer surgery, robotic surgery in gynecology and surgical laparoscopy.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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