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Written by: David Núñez Palomo
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It is common to hear that adolescence is usually a difficult stage in life. The psychologist David Núñez Palomo of the Complutense Psychotherapy Clinic says that "it is very common to find cases of parents and professionals who do not know what to do to help their children". In fact, " 40% of adolescents do not know how to deal with their day to day and, although it is in childhood where the personality is forged, it is in the corresponding stage of 14 to 28 years, where the person is consolidating the final formation of their behavior and their way of relating ". This specialist affirms that "it is then when emotions and pathological behaviors appear that alert us that something is not going well".


In recent years, in the field of mental health, great importance has been given to prevention and rapid and effective intervention. It is essential to be alert and know how to detect those symptoms that indicate that a treatment is necessary. "The sooner we confront the problem, the better the forecast , " says David Núñez.


40% of adolescents do not know how to face their day to day


In the case of a teenager who is not being able to satisfactorily remove his life in the community (home, school, friends ...) it is recommended to go to a professional. "We at the Clinic of Complutense Psychotherapy, have created a specific program for adolescents , taking into account the characteristics that define this moment and paying special attention to those aspects that normally create more conflict: personal relationships, family problems , personal acceptance, setting limits, academic and professional guidance , desire to discover the world, drug use , etc. ".  


Currently it has been shown that the most effective treatments are those that are elaborated in a personalized way. "Starting from the personal situation of the patient, a personalized treatment is elaborated, where they are treated and given a solution, from different areas, to the concrete problems that person is suffering. For this we must have a team of specialized professionals who can coordinate to offer the most effective treatment. "


The psychologist David Núñez of the Clinic of Complutense Psychotherapy concludes that "we must work to solve what can make it difficult for us to enjoy life with a healthy quality of life. Most problems can be solved with individual or group psychotherapy ; but there are some more complex cases, where the Hospital de Día treatments are giving excellent results ".


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By David Núñez Palomo

Clinical Director of the Clinic for Psychotherapy Complutense. Throughout his more than 15 years of experience has developed their daily work in prestigious national centers becoming a reference in clinical psychology nationwide. He is currently Chairman of the Section of Hospital Day of the Spanish Association of Neuropsychiatry ( AEN ).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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