Addressing chronic pain for a better quality of life

Written by: Dr. Marcello Meli
Published: | Updated: 18/02/2020
Edited by: Roser Bernés Ubasos

Chronic pain can be very disabling. To approach and treat it properly the expert will make a diagnostic test to identify the focus of pain. The purpose will be to offer a better quality of life to the patient by combining nutrition, physiotherapy and emotional counseling.


Diagnostic Studies for Chronic Pain

chronic pain The expert must always request relevant diagnostic tests in each case. By frequency, the MRI is the most commonly used test. However, according to the most modern lines, there is a commitment to avoid unnecessary tests. The philosophy of the expert on Pain Unity is defined in the search for the origin of pain with a sensitivity that does not offer the most sophisticated diagnostic tests. In this sense there is the diagnostic test , which consists of finding the source of the pain due to the real time image and the infiltration of local anesthesia.Once the point (or points) that trigger the pain is found, we apply the treatment according to international protocols backed by medical evidence and the most prestigious medical-surgical societies.


Treatments for chronic pain

For chronic pain, a treatment based on the union of four medical disciplines is applied: pain medicine, physiotherapy, nutrition and psychology. The doctor. Meli has developed with his team a method of action that allows addressing:- effective repair of the injury        - modulation of pain transmission        - the body's overall response to suffering        - the overall response of the person to suffering

A painless state is not only the result of the physician's performance but is a patient's work and effort with the trusted team to achieve the benefits of therapy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, they apply radiofrequency, ozone therapy and regenerative medicine techniques, complemented by:        - anti-inflammatory nutrition        - advanced physiotherapy        emotional counseling


Outcome of treatments for chronic pain

If it is an acute or subacute pathology, it is likely that the treatment will be curative and definitive, as in the case of injuries related to the practice of sport. In the case of chronic pain, the specialist assumes that his job has to be to alleviate, provided that the patient can return to enjoy a life as full as possible.


Are there surgical techniques to treat chronic pain?

The method is focused on avoiding surgery when it is not absolutely necessary. Modern medicine has the means to solve the causes of pain with minimally invasive means, based on regenerative solutions that offer in the long term very satisfactory results. When surgery is considered indicated, we are concerned to inform and advise the patient to find the most suitable solution.



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Dr. Marcello Meli

By Dr. Marcello Meli
Pain Medicine

Prestigious Pain Unit specialist, Dr. Meli is the current director and founder of Aliviam - Pain Clinic de Mallorca and founder of Clinical Ibad pain. Since 2012 he is medical adviser BioPsychological Instruments & Services. Current Service Coordinator Clinical Anesthesia Salvà (Red Juaneda). He has combined his clinical work with teaching being Examiner Pain Practice Section of the World Institute of Pain (WIP). He has won the World Fellowship of Interventional Pain Institute of pain management in 2009 in New York. He holds a Master's Degree in Neuroscience.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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