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Doctors who accept health insurance Caregroup

Dr. Pablo Palacios Cabezas

Orthopaedic surgeon (42)

Spinal surgery , Disc prosthesis , Herniated disc percutaneous surgery , Spine fracture, Hip Prosthesis , Knee prosthesis


Dr. Rafael Vega Cid

Orthopaedic surgeon (3)

Shoulder Arthroscopy , Hip Arthroscopy , Knee Surgery , Knee prosthesis , Injuries diagnosis, Back Pain


Doctors who DO NOT accept Caregroup

Dr. Luis Ramírez-Núñez

Orthopaedic surgeon

Hip Arthroscopy , Hip Prosthesis , Surface Prosthesis , Pelvis fracture,


Dr. Joaquín Cabot Dalmau

Orthopaedic surgeon (53)

Knee prosthesis , Arthroplasty , Knee Surgery , Regenerative Medicine , Replacement of prostheses, Knee


Dr. Miguel Ángel Martín Ferrero

Orthopaedic surgeon (3)

Hand nerves surgery, Injuries of the peripheral nerves, Pie , Shoulder Surgery , Elbow ,


Dr. Luis Aguilella

Orthopaedic surgeon (2)

Hand nerves surgery, Wrist Arthroscopy , Elbow , Shoulder Surgery , Shoulder Arthroscopy , Shoulder Prosthesis


Dr. Rafael Aguirre García

Orthopaedic surgeon (4)

Spinal surgery , Knee Surgery , Shoulder , Knee arthroscopy , Regenerative Medicine , Stem Cells


Dr. León González Massieu

Orthopaedic surgeon (7)

Knee prosthesis , Shoulder Prosthesis , Hip Prosthesis , Shoulder Arthroscopy , Hand nerves surgery, orthopedic surgery


Dr. Juan Francisco Blanco Gómez

Orthopaedic surgeon (1)

Spondylolisthesis, Percutaneous Foot Surgery , Knee Surgery , Wrist Arthroscopy , Wrist fracture, Arthroplasty


Dr. Enrique Henere Rivero

Orthopaedic surgeon (4)

Hip , Hip Arthroscopy , Knee , Knee Surgery , Knee prosthesis ,


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