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Doctors who accept health insurance IMQ

Dra. Encarnación Antón Casas



Allergic rhinitis , Asthma , Allergic dermatitis , Food Allergy , Allergic Urticaria , Pediatric Allergy


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Doctors who DO NOT accept IMQ

Dra. Helena Basart Gómez-Quintero

Occupational health physician


Occupational diseases, Incapacity , Work accidents, Traffic Accidents , Judicial Evaluation ,


Dr. Álvaro Amo Vázquez de la Torre



Food Allergy , Allergy, Respiratory allergies, Pediatric Allergy , Vaccines , Drug Allergy


Dra. Inmaculada Herrera Mozo

Occupational Allergy and Specialist Medical Expertise


Allergic dermatitis , Occupational Allergy , Allergy test, Food Allergy , Asthma , Allergic rhinitis


Dr. Juan Chiang Ng Molina

Family doctor


Acupuncture , Diabetes , Infectious diseases, Cholesterol , Hypertension , Rheumatism


Dr. Antonio Manuel García Dumpiérrez



Allergic rhinitis , Drug Allergy , Food Allergy , Desensitization , Central Sensitivity Syndrome , Occupational Allergy


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