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Dr. José Rivas Becerra

Laparoscopic and obesity surgery


Laparoscopic Surgery , Colorectal cancer surgery, Hemorrhoid Surgery , Obesity , Inguinal hernia surgery, Gallbladder surgery


Dr. Jairo Avella Vega

General and thoracic surgeon

Bariatric Surgery , Abdominal wall surgery, Gastric Bypass , Colorectal surgery, cholecystitis, Skin cancer


Dr. Enrique Glückmann Maldonado

Endocrine, General and Obesity Surgery

Thyroid gland surgery, Bariatric Surgery , Endocrine Surgery , Thyroid , Obesity , Adrenal glands disorders


Dra. Victoria Scholz Gutiérrez

General surgery and breast surgery


Breast Cancer , Breast Reconstruction , Breast benign cancers, Breast Cancer Surgery, Benign disease of the breast ,


Dr. Rafael Toscano Méndez



Laparoscopic Surgery , Abdominal wall surgery, Inguinal hernia surgery, Hiatal hernia surgery, Endoscopy , Esophageal cancer surgery


Dr. Manuel Ruiz López



Da Vinci robot surgery, Hiatal hernia surgery, Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, Abdominal wall surgery, Colorectal cancer surgery, Bariatric Surgery


Dr. José Francisco Rivas Marín

Laparoscopic and obesity surgery


Laparoscopic Surgery , Obesity , Colorectal cancer surgery, Bariatric Surgery , Colon cancer, Gallbladder surgery


Dr. José Antonio Pérez Daga

Oncological and General Surgery


Liver surgery, Pancreas surgery, Colon cancer, Gastric Cancer Surgery , Colorectal cancer surgery, Gallbladder surgery


Dr. Francisco Javier León Díaz



Gallbladder surgery , Inguinal hernia surgery, Liver surgery, Pancreas surgery, Advanced laparoscopic surgery, Colon cancer


Dr. César Pablo Ramírez Plaza

General surgeon expert in cancer surgery


Endocrine Surgery , Cancer Surgery , Thyroid Cancer , Colorectal cancer surgery, Breast Cancer Surgery, Hepatobiliary surgery


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