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Doctors who accept health insurance Adeslas SegurCaixa

Dr. Alejandro Orts Castro

Pain Management Specialist


Fibromyalgia , Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSD), Chronic Pain , Joint Injections , Pain treatment,


Dr. José María Hernández García

Pain Management Specialist


Fibromyalgia , Lidocaine profusion, Trigeminal Neuralgia , epidurolysis, Neurostimulation core , Radio frequency treatment


Dr.Prof. Ernesto Delgado Cidranes

Pain Management Specialist


Radiofrequency denervation , Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSD), Cancer Pain , Lumbar disc herniation , Regenerative Medicine , Pain treatment


Doctors who DO NOT accept Adeslas SegurCaixa

Dr. Miguel Garber

Internal medicine Specialist


Fibromyalgia , Joint pain , Rheumatic Diseases , Hypertension , Heart attack / angina,


Dra. Teresa Ceacero Guerrero

Internal medicine Specialist


Fibromyalgia , Checks (Preventive Medicine) , Preventive Cardiology , Chronic Fatigue ,


Dr. Carlos María Isasi Zaragozá



Fibromyalgia , Chronic Fatigue , Arthritis, Spondyloarthritis, Autoimmune Diseases , Osteoporosis


Dr. Mariano Bueno Cortés

Lyme disease


Fibromyalgia , Autoimmune Diseases , Therapeutic apheresis, Lyme disease, Regenerative Medicine , Chronic Fatigue


Dra. Carmen Navarro Muros

Family doctor


Fibromyalgia , Lyme disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity , Chronic Fatigue , Long Covid,


Julia Valladares Bartolomé

Physical therapist


Fibromyalgia , Laser therapy, Chronic degenerative pain, Bone edema, Osteoarthritis, Neck pain


Dra. Paola Duchên



Fibromyalgia , Couples Therapy , Emotional dependence, Depression , Insomnia , Anxiety


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