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Specialists of ACE in the county of Madrid

Doctors who accept health insurance ACE

 Carlos Gómez Mira

Expert in:

  • Dental Implants
  • Dental esthetics
  • Temporomandibular joint
  • Orofacial Pain
  • Sleep apnea
  • Oral Surgery

Dr. José Carlos Díaz Mauriño Garrido-Lestache

Expert in:

  • Dental Implants
  • Dental implants zygomatic
  • Oral Surgery
  • Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Orthognathic surgery

Dra. Mónica Lozano González

Expert in:

  • abortion
  • Risk Pregnancy
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Contraception advice
  • Babybirth

Dra. Carmen Martín Sanjuán

Expert in:

  • Disabled patients
  • Pediatric Dentistry

Doctors who DO NOT accept ACE

Dr.Prof. Alfredo Casasco

Expert in:

  • Vertebroplasty
  • Arteriovenous fistula
  • Brain aneurysm
  • Vascular malformations
  • Malformations of the nervous system

Dra. Silvia Jiménez García

Expert in:

  • Invisalign
  • Pediatric orthodontics
  • Adult Orthodontics
  • Invisible Orthodontics

Dr.Prof. Jesús Ángel Fernández Tresguerres Hernández

Expert in:

  • Anti-aging treatments
  • Menopause
  • Oxidative stress

 Roger Vilageliu

Expert in:

  • Sport nutrition
  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Celiac
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Migraines
  • Hypertension

Dr. Eduardo Martín Osés

Expert in:

  • Kidney stones
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Endoscopic Surgery
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • green laser prostate

 Susana David Fernández

Expert in:

  • Dentures
  • Dental Implants
  • Temporomandibular joint