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Dr. Oscar Larrosa is an expert in Sleep Medicine, accredited by the CEAMS (Spanish Committee of Accreditation in Sleep Medicine), and specialist in Clinical Neurophysiology by the San Carlos University Hospital of Madrid. He has 20 years of experience in sleep medicine in adults and pediatric age over 3 years, both clinical and instrumental. He has participated in different national and international research works in the field of Sleep Medicine and has collaborated in various national courses on sleep pathology. He is a member of scientific societies related to Sleep Medicine and Clinical Neurophysiology in Spain, and is currently one of the coordinators of the Movement Disorders group of the Spanish Sleep Society and a member of the pediatric working group of that society.

At the clinical level, Dr. Oscar Larrosa places special emphasis on the careful, exhaustive and individualized assessment of the existing problem and the possible repercussions in specific personal situations and other health problems added. At the instrumental and testing level, he is an expert in polysomnographic tests (night and other sleep studies), both conventional and complex for specific problems (abnormal movements, nocturnal epilepsy, mixed problems, etc.).

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