Dr. Joan Vidal-Jové

Oncologic surgery in Barcelona

Dr. Joan Vidal-Jové areas of expertise:

Why is a premier specialist?

Dr.Vidal-Jové is a specialist in General Surgery at the University of Barcelona and Mútua de Terrassa Hospital, a benchmark in Integrative Oncology and an expert in Oncological Surgery and at the George Washington University in Washington DC (USA) where he specialized in surgical peritoneal carcinomatosis. Referent and world expert in high intensity ultrasound tumor ablation (FUS-HIFU) as a treatment for pancreatic and liver cancer for 10 years with excellent results in terms of overall survival of patients combined with conventional systemic treatments. With a long career and clinical experience in the field of oncology, he has directed multiple human teams and for 5 years he has led the multidisciplinary team of the Institut Khuab dedicated to comprehensive, comprehensive and comprehensive care of oncology patients. Member of the International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound, of the European Focused Ultrasound Society and of the European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology, member reviewer of publications for different medical journals and author of publications of relevant clinical interest in journals of international impact.

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