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Professional statement

Ms. Espunya is a renowned physiotherapist who has more than 30 years of professional experience and more than 20 years of teaching experience. She has worked as an associate professor at the Faculty of Physiotherapy of the University of Valencia , and of the Faculty of Physiotherapy of the Cardenal Herrera University (CEU San Pablo). In 2001 he published the end-of-master research work entitled: "Comparative study of the application of Vertebral Manipulations with conventional physiotherapy as treatments for herniated disc" published in the journal Physiotherapy and quality of life. Vol.4, Nº2. In 2008 he published the book " Espinologia: raquis manual therapy ", in addition he has translated and elaborated the prolog of the book " Chronic pain: your key to recovery ", by Georgie Oldfield in Spanish. She is an expert in the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain and chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia . He is a member of the SEFID (Spanish Society of Physiotherapy and Pain) and the British association SIRPA UK . (Stress Illness Recovery Practitoners' Association).

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