Dr. Antonio Miguel López García-Moreno

Urologist in Majadahonda & Toledo

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Dr. Antonio Miguel López García-Moreno areas of expertise:

Professional statement

Dr. Antonio Miguel López García-Moreno is a urologist specialized in Functional Urology, Incontinence, Urodynamics, Flowmetry, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke and BPH . In 2013 he received a doctorate from the University of Salamanca with the doctoral thesis entitled: "spinal injury as a risk factor for sexual dysfunction in men."

Currently, he is responsible for the urodynamic studies of the Enova Medical Center of Toledo and the New Majadahonda Medical Center.

He has collaborated in several books, through the elaboration of several chapters in "Manual of protocols and action in emergencies", "Medullary Injury: multidisciplinary approach", "Manual of Bladder Probing" and has participated in numerous publications in national and international scientific journals .

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