Ocular cancers

Ocular tumors are all those diseases affecting the eyelids, the eye and orbit. Eyelid tumors are usually benign but in cases that are not, should be regularly monitored. Intraocular tumors include melanoma (the most common in adults), retinoblastoma (most severe during childhood) and choroidal hemangioma (benign but it spreads rapidly and can impair vision). Orbital tumors are less common and have specific causes. However, about 50% of retinoblastoma are congenital and eyelid tumors are related to sun exposure. Most ocular tumors are initially asymptomatic and may go unnoticed. Meanwhile, eyelid tumors are manifested by the appearance of lumps or lesions causing eye discomfort; while in orbit are manifested by pain or ocular abnormalities, decreased vision or movements of the eyeball (proptosis or exophthalmos).

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