Breast benign cancers

Breast cancer is the growth of cells or tissue in the breasts, which can be benign or malignant nature. Any suspicion of the presence of a tumor should make the necessary medical tests to analyze their nature. If it is cancerous tumors, depending on its size and grade it will proceed to chemotherapy, radiation or surgery to remove it. However, benign breast tumors are growths that have no carcinogenic nature. The most common are fibroadenomas, appearing especially in women under 30 years. It is related to hormonal changes in women, and not always need to be removed, since most go away on their own within two years; you can opt for surgery of benign tumors of the breast in cases of rapid increase in its size, aesthetic deformity or discomfort. Other benign tumors of the breast can be fibrocystic breast disease, adenomas, lipomas, etc.

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