Specific language impairment (SLI)

It is considered that a child has a specific language disorder when presenting oral expression capacity considerably lower than is usually considered appropriate for their age, but parallel his comprehension of language and other nonverbal expression are appropriate. Therefore, many children with this disorder tend to compensate with increased use of gestures, facial expressions and sounds. Typically, this speech disorder is diagnosed when detected in the late child and difficulties in the acquisition of spoken language: if to two years is still out simple words, if around three years are still unable to create short phrases, or six years if your vocabulary is limited or confusing words, especially. At that time, it is necessary to resort to consulting a specialist or speech therapist to diagnose the problem and prevent further future complications. Usually, deficits in speech are associated with difficulties in social relations, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Therefore, treatment and development of children depend on the level of involvement and type of the disorder, which can be: evolutionary development problems of the subject; or acquired, which appears at some point in life but has developed spoken language correctly, as it would be if patients with degenerative diseases or who have suffered trauma or serious injury.
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