Stammering or stuttering is a speech disorder in which the flow of words is disturbed and interrupted by abnormalities such as repetitions of syllables or parts of sentences, difficulty starting to speak, jams or tripping in the middle of the speech or extension sounds or parts of words. These changes may be accompanied speech spasms anywhere in the body, the face grimaces, winks or eye blinks, tremors of the lips, etc. While anyone can suffer stuttering in certain stressful circumstances or, in the case of children, when they are at the height of development of speech and language, in these cases it is usually transient and responds to attempt to speak properly or face moments of emotion and tension. But when stuttering becomes severe and persistent, especially in children disorder are encouraged to consult the problem with the doctor and with a speech therapist. They evaluate the patient to establish a proper diagnosis and treatment, depending on the subject and the cause that caused stuttering: abnormal development of the child, or inherited social and family environment reasons, neurogenic coordination problems (transmission signals between the brain and nerves), mental disorders, brain injuries or accidents.
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