Reconstruction of limbs


What is the reconstruction of limbs?

Rebuilding limbs are the set of surgical techniques used to restore normality as far as possible from a limb that has suffered severe trauma, a result which has lost its normal function or anatomical loss of bone and soft tissue. Most of these interventions can be made by loco-regional anesthesia.


Why is it done?

To restore normalcy to a limb affects aftermath of severe trauma or surgical complications that cause losses in their function or in their anatomy. It is done to recover the best function and anatomy more similar to normal, avoid limb angulation and shortening.

What does it consist of?

It involves reconstruction of a bone fragment at the expense of residual bone to rebuild. Schematically is the creation of a fractured bone rebuilding, the new regenerated bone is achieved in the "stretch" repairman callus thereby get generate new bone in continuity to the patient, hypervascularized bone, morphologically identical to bone origin and with the same characteristics and mechanical resistance, normal bone "own".

Preparing for limb reconstruction

The tip must be free of infectious processes, which must be addressed before the most radical way possible any existing septic process. For reconstruction External fixation systems (carriers) for controlling from the outside of the tip displacement of the bone fragments used in reconstruction, bone transportation "stretched fragments" are used. Occasionally the technique can be performed with specially designed intramedullary nails.

Care after surgery

Once the system installed and initiated Reconstruction transportation (stretch) of bone fragments, the tip must remain in shock during the "active" phase. In this phase a new regenerated soft occurs, callus repairer stretch fracture to be protected load. After the "static" phase begins, a phase in which the "mature" regenerated and ossified. When the degree of ossification permits the patient can support the limb. Throughout the process should be meticulously skin care inlet of the "screws" of skeletal fixation, which attach to the bone with the external device.