psychosocial oncology

Specialty of Psychology

Psycho-oncology is a specialized between medicine and psychology that deals with the relationships between behavior, health status and disease prevention and treatment, the promotion of healthy habits and interdisciplinary branch. Oncological psychology is a branch in charge of studying psychology and psychotherapy of patients with cancer and their families, offering them the tools to cope with the diagnosis and treatment of any type of cancer. Through psychotherapy, the therapist guides and gives emotional support to patients at all stages of the disease, especially for adaptation to psychological and physical disorders that involve treatments and surgical operations (such as hair loss caused by chemotherapy, or breast removal in the case of breast cancer). Furthermore, in the event that the type of cancer or its late detection not allow a diagnosis nor a hopeful patient or curative treatment, oncological psychology is concerned with the support and guidance of the family throughout the process of illness and bereavement detecting own development processes such pathological reactions.

Videos related to psychosocial oncology

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