Anal itching

Specialty of Surgery

Pruritus ani or anal itching is a symptom characterized by anal and perianal itching, initially found in the area around the anus, but can spread to the scrotum and vagina. It may be asymptomatic for periods. Predominates at night when the perineal temperature increases, a fact that increases sensitivity to itching. Anal itching can be severe, causing itching and scratching injuries. In extreme cases it can cause insomnia and thus, anxiety and depression. In most cases, no specific cause is even more associated with pruritus ani are poor hygiene or excessive cleaning of the area of ​​the anus and rectum diseases (fissures, fistulas, hemorrhoids ...), infection of certain bacteria or viruses in the gut, as psicolígicas causes anxiety, dermatological and systemic diseases and exist as certain foods and other antibiotics.

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