Hip replacement surgery

It is surgery to replace all or part of the hip joint with an artificial joint, which is called a prosthesis. The hip joint consists of two main parts. One or both sides can be replaced during surgery:

  • The hip socket (part of the bone of the pelvis called the acetabulum)
  • The upper end of the femur (femoral head called)

The new hip to replace the old hip is composed of the following parts:

  • A drink, usually made of strong metal.
  • An insert, which fits into the cup or acetabulum, usually, is plastic, but some surgeons are now trying other materials like ceramic. The liner allows the hip to move smoothly.
  • A metal or ceramic ball that will replace the round head (top) of the femur.
  • A metal stem that is attached to the femur to give more stability to the joint.
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