Prick test

Specialty of Allergy & Immunology

The prick test allergy tests are carried out on the skin in order to find the cause substance of said reaction in the patient. The procedure consists in applying to the skin, in this case on the forearm or back, a small dose of the element that is seen as the cause of the allergy (called the allergen) and, if the patient experiences a reaction to the allergen, the result will be that person experiences an allergy to that substance. The prick test method to diagnose allergic drug (antibiotics, anesthetics ...), pollens, dust mites, cat and dog dander, fungi, animal or plant foods, latex, insect tissues, among many other substances reactions. This technique is performed in a single visit to the allergist, and skin effects are usually mild itching or the appearance of a papule at the puncture. Results are obtained within 15 minutes of the test.

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