Perforation of the eardrum

Specialty of Otolaringology

The perforated eardrum is a break or hole produced in the membrane that separates the middle ear from the external. This injury can cause infections by bacteria entering the ear, even to cause hearing loss. The eardrum is a structure that can be broken by a loud noise, a sudden change in pressure, trauma or the use of certain objects to clean ears. When a patient has a ruptured eardrum, other than notice a decrease in hearing, which will be more or less severe depending on the size and location of the injury, you may also experience other symptoms such as ear pain, drainage of pus or blood, fever, dizziness, congestion and internal noise in the ears. But overall, the perforated eardrum heals on its own within weeks or months and in most cases fully recovered hearing. Otherwise, the patient will need to be practiced a type of surgery called tympanoplasty. Milder cases are cured simply by following a series of recommendations: preventing water from entering the ear, taking antibiotics and even by placing a patch over the eardrum by the doctor.
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