Adult Orthodontics

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that corrects the bad position of the bones and teeth by applying different types of forces with appliances. Orthodontics is indicated for cases of crowding of teeth or when the bad position of the teeth prevents proper cleaning, which increases the risk of diseases such as caries or periodontitis. Therefore, orthodontics aims to contribute to the welfare of the patient, improving the function and aesthetics of their teeth.

The devices used can be fixed (bands and brackets) or removable, allowing the patient to remove them from the mouth during oral hygiene and during meals. Orthodontics is a technique applicable both in children and adults, although the advantage of orthodontics in children over orthodontics in adults is that it allows more effective results because it can be applied during the development of bone structures.


Advantages that orthodontics provides in adults

There are many adults with teeth that are misaligned or with dental malocclusion, which can lead to wear of the teeth and problems in the jaw. The cause can be hereditary or due to a bad position in the exit or eruption of the teeth in childhood.

At this stage the bones no longer grow, there may be a loss of the teeth or even the bone that supports them. This can be corrected with procedures such as brackets or elastic devices that allow correction of the denture in the precise direction. Although sometimes these treatments are not effective and surgery is necessary, through which the bones are well placed, since the patient has overcome the growth stage to be able to modify them. Afterwards, orthodontics can be used to achieve a stable occlusion and aligned teeth.


Among the most requested procedures is Invisalign


Types of orthodontics in adults

Among the types of orthodontics are procedures such as:


- Invisalign: is a type of invisible orthodontics that is more comfortable and hygienic.

- Lingual orthodontics: they are fine and personalized brackets for each tooth, placed on the inside, so they are also invisible.

- Sapphire brackets: they are the conventional brackets although they are made with the color of the teeth, being little visible.

- Metallic brackets: they are the conventional ones. They are usually more indicated in children, although they can also be effective in adults.


How to choose what type of orthodontics is most appropriate in an adult

The decision on which procedure to appeal should be taken together with the orthodontic specialist, since each patient needs an individualized treatment according to their needs.

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