What is Neuropsychology?


Neuropsychology is a discipline that converges between Neurology and Psychology. Study the relationship between brain structures, cognitive functions and emotional and behavioral processes. It covers all those pathologies that affect the brain: alterations and dysfunctions of neurodevelopment, neurodegenerative diseases, traumatic brain injuries, stroke, brain tumors and anoxias, among others.


Thanks to Neuropsychology it is possible to detect cognitive deterioration in very early stages through a differential diagnosis


Why is it done?


The objective of Neuropsychology is to know the state of cognitive, behavioral, emotional and functional functioning of the patient, so as to contribute to the diagnosis of neurological pathologies with cognitive and / or behavioral symptoms. Through Neuropsychology, it is possible to detect cognitive deterioration in very early stages through a differential diagnosis. Also, it allows to assess the effects of a surgery in cases of epilepsy, hydrocephalus and tumors, as well as the toxicity of certain pharmacological treatments. On the other hand, it is useful for the preparation of expert reports in cases of disability, accident or deterioration of people, as well as neuropsychological rehabilitation programs after brain damage or cognitive impairment.


What does it consist of?


Neuropsychology is based on the principle of making an accurate diagnosis of the alterations of the affected upper functions: speech, language, memory, attention ...) through an initial interview with the patient. Once these alterations have been identified, objectives will be set to achieve through cognitive treatment, personalized according to the patient, their pathology and their circumstances. There will never be an equal neuropsychological examination between two patients.


Preparation for neuropsychological examination


The patient should start the neuropsychological rehabilitation early, and should follow a continuity and be consistent in the cognitive work with the Neuropsychology Specialist.


Care after neuropsychological intervention


The patient must follow the instructions of the Neuropsychology Specialist once the neuropsychological rehabilitation treatment has been completed. This treatment will depend on the profile of each patient.