Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetics can suffer damage to the nerves of the body as a result of decreased blood flow and high blood sugar. The chances of getting this condition increases as the level of blood sugar is not well controlled. It is estimated that about half of diabetics suffer neurological damage, even if symptoms are not noticed until years after diagnosis of diabetes. Symptoms depend on the nerves affected. Thus, the affected nerves are most often in the feet and legs, causing tingling or burning, or deep pain and, eventually, insensitivity. In addition, with the progress of the disease can also occur in the hands and fingers. On the other hand, when the disease affects the nerves that control digestion, these can also be affected and result in problems digesting food, which can hinder diabetes control. However, it can also damage the nerves of the heart and blood vessels, which can cause dizziness upon standing, have rapid heart rate and do not even notice the angina, chest pain that warns of heart disease and heart attack.

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