Oncology Micropigmentation

Specialty of Aesthetic Medicine

Oncological micropigmentation micropigmentation is a technique that has evolved greatly over the years. It derived tattoo and involves inserting pigment under the skin through a dermography. In this sense, it is not only able to beautify facial features, highlighting the more people look or eyebrows, but getting camouflaging scars and even create areolas, in cases of breast surgery. One of the major concerns of people suffering from cancer is loss of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Oncological micropigmentation is very useful in this regard because it redraws eyebrows as the factions, to regain face expression in his eyes. It is also very useful in women who have had breast cancer and have a scar to fully reconstruct the areola. In each case a detailed study is made of the patient, assessing their personal situation. It is recommended to oncological micropigmentation before chemotherapy to minimize the abrupt change of image for hair loss. If the patient is already on treatment, it is important to communicate with the medical oncologist.

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