The permanent makeup or micropigmentation is a facial treatment that is performed by a technique of pigment implantation in the skin (applied with a device called dermography). Through this method, completely painless, immediate effect makeup with a very natural end result is achieved that allows: to highlight some facial features, for example by giving greater expression to the look or simulating a larger volume of eyelashes; beautify and make more perfect parts of the face, as the profile of the lips or the shape of the eyebrows; or correct some imperfections or asymmetries of the face, such as cleft lip scars. Prior to the completion of the treatment, you should conduct a study of the bone structure and skin of the person and do an allergy test to ensure that tolerate well the pigments to be applied. It should also take into account their age, and personal preferences when choosing a style of micropigmentation. Anyway, it is a semi-permanent treatment lasts about two and five years since the pigments will reabsorbed by the skin, so be required to apply a time step that review.

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