Regenerative Medicine

Specialty of Orthopaedic Surgery

Regenerative medicine consists of administering cells called "progenitors" in the joint or injured part, in order to repair damaged cartilage and restore function. These cells are found in the bone marrow (inside the bone), which is where blood progenitor cells, connective tissue, adipose tissue, bone and cartilage are found, among others. This concept is based on the fact that cartilage has an extremely low regeneration capacity, so any injury (traumatic or degenerative) will hardly recover spontaneously, especially in patients of a certain age. The reason for this scarce regenerative capacity is that the cartilage does not dispose like other tissues of its own progenitor cells and also has a very poor vascular supply. This leads to the need to propose the use of cells from other locations (cell therapy), in this case bone marrow since in the end is where, among others, the progenitor cells of the cartilage itself.

Videos related to Regenerative Medicine

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