Skin patches

Stains on the skin are skin pigmentation that appear on the skin. Depending on their origin, they can be pigmented or vascular type. The pigment shown by the excess production of a pigment called melanin generated from melanocytes (skin cells) and stimulated by sunlight, and can be dark and localized (hyperpigmentation) or pale (depigmentation). Meanwhile, vascular stains are caused by congestion of the vessels of the skin, producing red spots on the skin, such as hemangiomas and telangiectasia. In any case, you should consult a dermatologist the appearance of new spots on the skin, especially if they change color or texture, to rule that it is a skin cancer. Depending on the type of stain will opt for simple treatments, such as avoiding sun exposure and use of sunscreens, and the application of peels or laser treatments or depigmentation in the most unsightly stains.
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