Behavioral addictions are a number of disorders related dependency several daily activities of entertainment in people that cause compulsive and irrepressible need for certain repetitive and persistent behavior linked to the specific activity that generates addiction. It is considered that a subject suffers from this disorder as life focuses on the origin of addictive behavior gradually, while presenting behavioral and mood, aggression changes, and neglect of social relations and common interests. Moreover, in many cases, these disorders also causes economic problems since the person does not control the expenses generated by their addiction. According to the daily activity with which they are linked, different behavioral addictions: gambling, which is addiction to gambling (bingo, gambling ...); Internet use, which is an online tool that can generate addiction to online games or social networks; Mobile, which creates dependency when the person using it is isolated socially and even longer interact face to face with his social and family environment; compulsive buying (oniomanía), which is impulsive and unplanned purchase of any object; kleptomania, which is the overwhelming need to steal objects in any environment or location; among many others.