Holmium laser

Holmium laser treatment for Hypertrophy or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia uses laser energy to remove prostate tissue causing the blockage. Since the holmium laser penetrates superficially avoiding thermal damage to adjacent tissue. In this way the patient treatment provides immediate relief of symptoms and improving their quality of life. It is usually performed under epidural anesthesia in an outpatient or short hospital stay process. Furthermore, the fact of being a process that hardly takes virtually no blood loss. Also, the holmium laser produces less pain in the genitourinary tract and fewer postoperative symptoms (incontinence, urgency, nocturnal enuresis), in addition to having better prospects in impaired sexual function after surgery. And the enucleation of the prostate with Holmium Laser does not affect sexual function. In this regard it is stated that the holmium laser is the same technique effective than open surgery, with the advantage of not making incisions not exist bleeding and reduce transfusion rates, being a less invasive treatment, with fewer side effects and just hospitalization.