Inductors natural collagen

Specialty of Aesthetic Medicine

It is the recall of Effect V. The volumizing treatment and inducer of natural collagen-based calcium hydroxyapatite is to recover in a natural way, without going through surgery, the optimal distribution of facial volume. Thus achieve a more youthful appearance getting a facelift unprecedented effect. The results are very natural, immediate and last up to a year after injection. The inductor treatment of natural collagen is intended to correct imperfections and improve skin smoothness, recover the so-called "V effect" on the face and to mold the contour and volume of the figure. This treatment is done through a technique punctures natural collagen-based calcium hydroxyapatite in areas with sagging. Before starting treatment, a topical anesthetic is applied to avoid any inconvenience this may cause punctures in sensitive areas. Normally, two or three sessions are required to achieve the objective, and is advisable to leave a period of about four or five weeks between each session. The effect is usually immediate and very satisfying, although the final result is observed after about two or three months and lasts until one year after treatment.

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