Hearing loss

Hearing loss is a decrease in hearing reversible or permanently, depending on the case. It can also affect only one ear or both, in this case as a bilateral hearing loss. Besides, hearing loss may be partial or total: mild hearing loss in the patient loses some forty decibels capacity at best, while in the most serious cases decreased more than ninety decibels. Here, the hearing loss can be classified depending on the amount of hearing loss, the location of the lesion, its origin and if also affects speech. In the case of children, if the deficiency is not detected early can cause problems in language development. The causes of hearing loss can be many: congenital diseases, infections, hole in the eardrum, wax buildup, pressure changes, constant exposure to loud noise or trauma such as skull fractures or explosions. The person affected by this disorder may have the following symptoms: difficulty hearing a conversation or television, pressure or ringing in the ears, fatigue and dizziness. Hearing loss can be cured with medicine or surgery, depending on the case. In addition, you may also place the patient a device to improve their hearing.