Umbilical hernia surgery

An umbilical hernia is caused when part of a (usually intestines) abdominal organ comes out hole of a weak area of ​​the cavity in which it is housed, forming a lump or deformity under the skin around the navel. This problem can be caused by pregnancy, overweight, overexertion or weakness of the muscles of the abdomen and sometimes painful. An umbilical hernia presents complications when the organ has been externalized can not return to your site. In the case of intestines, this can cause an intestinal blockage or pain. Moreover, if the blood circulation hole short bowel perforation can cause this and produce a peritonitis (inflammation of the membrane lining the abdominal wall and abdominal organs). The treatment consists of umbilical hernia operation, which can be open or minimally invasive by laparoscopy. It involves the reintroduction into the abdomen and externalized part in reinforcing the wall that contains it with their own fabrics, mesh or prosthesis.