Spine fracture

The spinal fracture is a break or the collapse of one of the bones of the spine. This can happen for a strong impact in the area or for the loss of bone mass, osteoporosis caused by eg. Although removal of bone mass may also occur for other cusas: cancer, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hyperthyroidism and long-term use of corticosteroids. In these cases, the deterioration causes bone fractures can also occur as a result of normal activity, such as bending over or get something. Symptoms include a sudden onset of pain or a chronic, dull back pain and weakness or immobility of all or any part of the body. Traditional treatment for spinal fractures includes extended bedrest, pain medication and the use of corsets. These treatments can reduce pain, but do not stabilize the fracture or correct the related spinal deformity. In fact, a spinal fracture can cause irreversible damage as a total or partial paralysis of the injured.

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