Vertebral fixation with browser

The spinal fixation involves the placement of screws into the vertebrae to fix them, whether cervical, thoracic or lumbar level. This surgery may have GPS navigation, which allows these implants with a high success rate of 97.6%. In addition, navigation avoids the risks of conventional techniques such as nerve injuries, and causes unnecessary second interventions by poor positioning of the screws. To perform this surgery, use a computer and some optical cameras that allow, through the introduction of a preoperative CT images and X-rays taken of the actual position of the surgical patient, a merger of these 3D images converting real- virtual. Through a special instrument, we can visualize in direct path of the screws.

Besides browsing this surgery also we perform monitoring of the nerves in relation to the vertebral segment that is already involved through a computer get the electrical recording of the muscles innervated by these nerves. In the event of a possible irritation or nerve damage, the computer warns us by a volley of abnormal waves and an acoustic signal, which can rectify the trajectory of a screw avoiding injuries.

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