Electrophysiology Study

Specialty of Adult Cardiology

An Electrophysiological Study is an electrical catheterization of the heart that allows the study, diagnostic assessment and risk stratification of patients with any type of heart rhythm disorder and alteration of the conduction of electrical impulses from the atria to the ventricles in patients suffering Dizziness, syncope or pre syncope of unknown cause, episodes of abrupt and / or resuscitated sudden cardiac death, study of all types of tachycardias and abnormal palpitations, and adjuvant in the diagnosis and treatment of heart failure. This requires the introduction of a variable number of electro-catheters in charge of recording normal cardiac electrical activity of the heart, the formation of electrical impulses and the conduction of the same from the atria to the ventricles and subsequently A programmed electrical stimulation process of the heart the possible intramyocardial abnormal electric circuits responsible for originating and / or perpetuating a continuous and rapid circular movement of a tachycardia that could compromise the patient clinically. This requires a very accurate and millimetric measurement of heart activation times, in fractions of milliseconds, through complex and sophisticated methods of advanced technology that allow accurate mapping of normal and abnormal cardiac electrical activity.

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