Canal stenosis

Specialty of Neurological Surgery

The stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal that puts pressure on the spinal cord and roots. When located in the lower part of the spinal column it is known as lumbar canal stenosis, while when the narrowing occurs in the top of the column is called cervical canal stenosis. The lumbar and cervical areas are usually being the most affected, although the narrowing channel does not cause pain if not compress any nerve structure. The spinal stenosis often occur gradually by the aging process, due to the deformation of bones and tissues around the spinal canal. Usually begins to affect people over 50 years, although it also occurs in young people with a spinal trauma. The treatment of various types of spinal stenosis is usually based on the use of medications (anti-inflammatories or steroids) to reduce pain and inflammation with rest time, or physical therapy. Surgery is recommended only where nerve compression which progressively worsens.

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