Specialty of Otolaringology

Epistaxis or nosebleed is bleeding all originating from the nostrils. It can be caused by trauma, irritation or dryness of the lining of the nose, allergic rhinitis, colds or sinusitis. Other causes include nasal obstruction, in cases of deviated septum or foreign objects in the nose. In most cases it stems from the septum, which is the vertical cartilage that separates the nasal chambers and is covered by fragile blood vessels, which may break. This is easy to stop epistaxis. In any case, all epistaxis requires medical help if it persists after 15 or 20 minutes of treatment, if repeated frequently if the blood drains into the throat or neck or head injury is suspected. The best way to stop the bleeding is to sit leaning forward and covering the nostrils with the fingers, breathing through the mouth.

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