Sudeck's disease


What is Sudeck's disease?

Sudeck's disease is a complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) affecting feet, legs, arms and hands. There are two types: the first arises after suffering an illness or injury that has not directly damaged a nerve in the affected area. The second occurs after suffering a definite nerve injury.


What are the symptoms?

Normally usually it manifests a feeling of burning with important skin disorders, stiffness, swelling and discoloration in the affected limb. Although the origin of the disease varies, symptoms are common in all cases and the same steps are carried out.

The first stage, acute, can last up to three months and the patient will feel burning and increased sensitivity to touch. The pain is constant and lasts longer than a regular injury. In addition, a reddening of the affected limb and excessive suduración occurs. In some cases it can grow beautiful nails and faster than normal.


Causes of Sudeck's disease or why it occurs

By the time the causes are unknown. Usually the diagnosis is delayed and as a result of trauma such as sprains, bone fractures, dislocations or other reasons such as nerve disease, a heart attack, hyperthyroidism or as a result of drugs.


Can it be prevented?

Sudeck's disease can not be prevented because the physical causes are not known clearly. If diagnosed pathology, prevention measures to control pain and prevent it from becoming chronic apply. If a smoker, you should quit this habit, as the snuff aggravates the symptoms.


What is the treatment?

When the disease appears the specialist recommends different types of treatments before opting for surgical option as drugs, injectable anesthetic treatments, biofeedback or therapy with physical exercise that emphasizes participation in the affected area.

A level exists surgical spinal cord stimulator during which electrodes are applied along the bone to send mild electrical impulses to injured nerves. The other option is the implementation of an analgesic medication pump that delivers to the same area of ​​the back. Its introduction is done near the abdomen.