diet therapy

Specialty of Allergy & Immunology

Diet therapy or therapeutic diets are a number of dietary adjustments that are made to specific groups or individuals with specific needs, depending on your specific medical history and your eating and cultural habits. They are customized diets, ie, suitable for a particular person and makes a nutritionist and diseases or conditions the patient may present. Also, custom groups or groups of patients with specific diseases (diabetes, obesity, etc.) in order to reduce the effects these diseases can have on the overall health diets are made. Besides, concretions are made in diet to more specific diseases or long progression (such as allergies, epilepsy, arthritis ...) to help improve their symptoms. On the other hand, among the most used therapeutic diets are diets controlled energy, which focus on the caloric needs of each patient, subagrupadas in different groups of nutrients, vitamins and minerals (diets controlled in lipids, proteins, sodium, potassium, etc.). In addition, this type of diet can modify strongly established habits or restrict foods that can be harmful to health.
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