Osteoporosis diet

Specialty of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

Osteoporosis is bone loss normally associated with aging, originating from age 40, but is closely linked to other vital periods as menopause in women or certain chronic diseases. Generally, often it produces no symptoms, although the fragility and bone fractures, especially hip and femur is associated, and persistent pain and deformation. To prevent and mitigate these symptoms and the onset of the disease itself, it is advisable to follow a diet for osteoporosis. This food guide is based on the introduction of calcium and vitamin D in adequate doses, which should already followed since childhood, and takes into account an adjustment in healthy habits such as physical exercise and the abandonment of inactivity, consumption alcohol and snuff, or the abuse of drugs such as corticosteroids. The physician should prescribe the form and amounts of foods in this diet custom mode, depending on the medical history of each woman.

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