Prostate and Renal Cryosurgery

Specialty of Urology

Cryosurgery is a minimally invasive treatment that is currently used to treat prostate and renal cancer, in order to avoid undergoing surgery or radiotherapy. Besides being used when patients do not want to be treated by open surgery or radiation therapy, it can also be used as secondary treatment when the above fail. This technique is less invasive because it uses ultrafine needles small size, similar to those used in biopsies, to destroy the tumor. This is an intervention that does not exceed two hours, which does not avoid contact with others affected, which allows a speedy recovery and is usually done with epidural anesthesia. In the case of prostate tumors, it is customary to use cryosurgery in patients who have a high degree of malignancy, and with small prostates. The aim is to freeze the entire prostate to destroy all the cancer detected inside. With regard to kidney tumors, cryosurgery is also used to freeze all cancer contained in said body and can only be applied in small tumors (less than 4 cm).

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