Cubital nerve surgery

Specialty of Orthopaedic Surgery

Understanding the elbow nerve it is known as cubital tunnel syndrome. It is the erosion of the ulnar nerve that travels from the neck to the hand. It has motor and sensory function of the ring and little fingers. The patient has pain, tingling, numbness or burning and sometimes altering the sensitivity of the medial edge of the forearm and it nullifies and pinky fingers. Symptoms worsen by keeping the elbow bent. To address this ailment can opt for conservative treatment (changes in activity, use of splints, rest, stretching and vitamin supplements) or ulnar nerve surgery. This surgery is to decompress the nerve from the hand above the elbow to the forearm and move the high nerve elbow from behind her front. The goal of such surgery is to provide more space to the nerve and tendons, reducing the pressure on the nerve.

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