Varicose veins laser surgery

Laser treatments for varicose veins is a minimally invasive technique that is used in cosmetic surgery to treat varicose veins that are dilated veins located mainly in the lower limbs superficial and deep venous system. It is a technique of fast recovery that does not require hospitalization, is less painful than conventional surgery and recovery is faster. To do it locally and is about 45 minutes anesthesia is used. The laser operation of varicose veins is the introduction of a needle into the vein and concrete by a guide, enter it as a laser fiber to provide heat. This closes the dilated vein, forcing blood to circulate in other deeper and healthy vessels. Although the results of this type of surgery are usually very reliable, there is always risk of complications (thrombophlebitis, bleeding varicorragia a varix or varicose ulcers ...).
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