Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoid surgery (piles) is surgery that is done to treat the veins that have been swollen or expanded around the anus. Hemorrhoid surgery is indicated when the patient has itching in the anus, anal bleeding, pain or gore. Piles operation can be carried out using different techniques, the most common is the hemorrhoidectomy, which involves removing hemorrhoids and leave the area sterile gauze to slow the bleeding. Another method is stapled hemorrhoidopexy (also called PTT or Longo method) which involves inserting a mechanical seaming anal rectal excising the excess tissue and, simultaneously, the mucosa with metallic suture points and hemorrhoids are repositioned in his natural position. There is also a surgical procedure to cure hemorrhoids that does not involve the removal of tissue: dearterialization guided transanal hemorrhoidal doppler (THD method), a minimally invasive and virtually painless technique that involves locating, with a Doppler probe and suture the hemorrhoidal artery that carries blood to hemorrhoids. In the same operation, mucosal prolapse has been placed on your site.