Mohs surgery

Mohs surgery is an innovative surgical treatment indicated to remove tumors that cause skin cancer without harming healthy tissue and obtaining a higher cure rate than traditional surgery. Before removing the tumor, all affected tissue is analyzed, including the border areas. Thus, precise removal of skin tumor, saving the maximum healthy tissue and, therefore, minimizing the aesthetic reconstruction after surgery that is required is ensured. Mohs micrographic surgery is performed under local anesthesia and is divided into several phases. In the first layer of skin affected by the tumor is removed. After a provisional wound healing takes place, while the removed tissue and tissue samples from the tumor margin to confirm that it has completely removed the tumor is examined; This stage can last about 45 minutes. If the analysis is detected cancer cells that remain around the above process is repeated until a complete removal of the tumor is achieved. Finally, we proceed to the reconstruction of the affected Mohs surgery with the most appropriate technique for each area.
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