Obesity Surgery

Specialty of Surgery

Obesity surgery, known as bariatric surgery, is the set of techniques to reduce the intake or food absorption capacity. Surgery is indicated for morbidly obese patients having a body mass index greater than 40kg / m2 or to those affected by severe obesity and associated diseases. Moreover, stomach surgery is performed through restrictive, malabsorptive or mixed media. The restrictive adjustable gastric banding (one ring placed around the entrance of the stomach which limits intake) gastrectomy (stomach reduction operation to remove 80 percent of its volume) and plicated tubular gastroplasty (included stomach operation that reduces the intake capacity by inward folding of the wall of the stomach itself). Malabsorptive techniques are duodenal (removal of much of the stomach joins the small intestine up to the duodenum to take half of it) and biliopancreatic diversion (halving junction of the stomach and small intestine). The combined procedure is the gastric bypass (leaving a small stomach and connected to the small intestine, using 60 percent of it). All these methods can be performed by open or laparoscopic surgery.


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