Thyroid gland surgery

Thyroid surgery includes removal of nodules or the partial or total removal of the thyroid gland. Thyroid surgery is performed in response to different causes: biopsies when it comes to evaluating thyroid nodules; pressure by nodules or goiters in adjacent structures which complicate and cause discomfort in swallowing and breathing; for thyroid cancer; or the possibility that the gland or goiter nodule or become cancerous. In thyroid surgery complete removal of the gland in cases where benign nodules and goiters are becoming large or are causing discomfort while partial removal is done in the case of the presence of nodules or hyperactive unilateral recommended. For cases of papillary or follicular cancer total removal that could even lead to the lymph nodes in large tumors it is recommended. Also, for some cases, medical advances now allow this operation by laparoscopic surgery.

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